Digital marketing for cryptoassets at its best.

Value. Visibility. Desire. Action.

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Ultra Instinct Marketing is a well experienced agency from germany that helps projects in their professional appearance and growth.

After analyzing the needs of a customer, we ensure the best advises aswell as services to reach the wished goals.

Visibility, branding (coorporate identity) are one of the most important factors, to succeed a project, whether in crypto or not.

UIM helps and creates your graphics/ branding on a high level quality, bringing up centuries of experience in it!

Especially cryptoproject owners facing the issue, to find the right assets for their project, getting scammed or wrong advises till the whole budget is eliminated. At a full partnership with UIM, you can enjoy the comfortability of an excellent connected agency where nearby all services are offered in-house and outsourced services are always trusted and secure, which allows you getting your workload executed through one stop: Ultra Instinct Marketing Agency.

We are here to create and manage your socials, your ad-campaigns or grow and lead your community, which gives you the opportunity of full occupation, and allows you to focus on the development, while the project gets more visibility day by day.

Recruitment of qualified staff members also provided by us.

There is much more which belongs to UIM. Get to know us now!

Value. Visibility. Desire. Action.

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Value. Visibility. Action. Design.

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Our Services

for cryptoprojects, multichain. For non-crypto related projects just contact us!


Launch assistance/ preparation/ management/ advertising/ listings & more

We prepare everything you need for your cryptoasset-project


Full project consulting

at any stage

Thanks to our high experience, we are here to help you in any stage of your project with the best advises

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Project management, Marketing management

The right advise and management of your paid ad-campaigns are the keys for success. Avoid any risk of wasting budget, use it wisely and efficient through unique UIM marketingcampaigns and effective services

"Marketing is our expertise. We'll take care of it, so you can focus on your project."

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UI Marketing

A well trusted, experienced and professional digital marketing agency from germany, specialized on crypto.

Ultra Instinct Marketing is an established digital marketing agency with a CEO who has had collected 8+ years experience in marketing, advisory and project management, working for a famous creative agency. 4+ years experience and with over 155+ clients since founded in 09/2020, we are providing any services to build, succeed and grow your web3 project. One of the most creative outlook for creating your branding and coorporate identity. The one stop solution for crypto projects. Ultra Instinct Marketing. From product/ business development to advisory and marketing, we offer anything you wish.

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UI Marketing

Where we are now since 09/ 2020

12+ years Experience

8+ years experience in real life marketing, advisory, project management and product/ business development.

4 years web3 product/ business development, advisory, marketing, advertisement and project management experience

Educational Background

University Degree, University of Cologne

Economy engineering

Trusted partners

From our early days back in 2020 (founded: 09/2020), we've been

providing reliable services and advises to our clientele.

We have the honor being one of the firm of choice marketing agencies and business partner of the following web3 companies:

made in germany

to be extended..

Marketing is not just marketing. Get it done right. Enjoy all available & legit services in the cryptospace at one stop.

Safu. Contact us now.




Germany, CGN

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